Mexico Beach Life Club


San Miguel de Allende is a famous town full of resident expatriates, making it an ideal place for foreigners who do not speak Spanish to live and explore because many locals speak English.The fall season is the best time to visit because some important celebrations occur. The first is Mexican Independence Day on 16 September and San Miguel de Allende is the best place to be because it’s the heart of Mexican Independence.People in town excitedly celebrate their important contribution to the War for Independence.29 September is the Festival of St. Michael, the city’s patron saint. The city celebrates for a few days, and the parade through the town is a fantastic display of Mexican culture with indigenous dancers, mariachi, fireworks, and giant, bigger-than-human-sized puppets.During this festival, Voladores (flyers) perform from their very tall pole, and horses from the region ride into town for the Blessing of the Horses at the large cathedral in the centre of town. You should not miss this spectacle.Top tips: It’s important to dress in layers as mornings in the fall can be quite chilly, but the temperatures can be warm by midday. It’s advisable to wear long sleeves and long pants or apply sunscreen as the Mexican sun can quickly cause sunburn. Drink plenty of water, as the air can be dry, especially at higher altitudes, and it is easy to become dehydrated.